Another Hoboken hustle

by John Smallshaw
(London, England)

'..and now the end is near'
Frankie sang it loud and clear
Did you hear..

Sentiments so full of sh*t..I could laugh.

This staff of life is full of go
But I ain't going nowhere yet.
And certainly not in a bereavement column
Them things is full of far too solemn.

And anyway..I got a date next Saturday
Can't be late for that
Can't be laid out flat
How would it look to her..?..
..who's had more than her share of half dead men.

When I hear that song..
I know it's time to move along and swing my feet
Not yet going to meet my maker.
Going to take her..out
Dance and then another laugh.

In the cafe my friends all sit
Waiting for the day to hit
But not me.

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