Another look at the shadow

by John Smallshaw

I turn to face my shadow's face, my shadow turns away..
..but I burn with curiosity to see those features.
Someone wrote..
That shadows are just creatures of the night..that's not right.
I don't believe that crap.. shadow's always got my back and I believe..
that when I wear my heart upon my sleeve it's got a shadow too.
Do you?

My shadow follows everywhere but I have noticed at odd times it doesn't seem that it is those times I feel bare.
Sometimes it wants to box.
I think I'd knock the socks off I just sit and pass an hour or two..that's how it goes for me.
The shadow sees..the shadow knows..again that's how it goes.

But I would love to see the face of that which follows every place I go.
You'd think by now I'd know that shadows are so very shy.
I wonder why
Do you?

So I shall wait a bit..turn quick and I might catch a look..if my shadow mistook my movement for a twitch.
I think I'll wait for evermore to catch my shadow out..If I shout..spin roundabout it always seems to know just what it is I want it to show..
And it's always, always a never no go.. shadow just will not show.
Its face

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Another look at the shadow
by: Eve

Wow John--this poem really impressed me. Your style and the originality of the content is a nice change from all the poetry about love lost and dying etc. etc. It was a pleasure to read. You are very talented!

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