Another talk to Frank

by John Smallshaw
(London, England)

Will ya?
They'll kill ya.
When you're dead in the box is that cool?
Don't be a fool.

Do you want to feel the pain
Of cannabis or crack cocaine.
The needle going in..

I was that by..
Don't know how
Can't understand why
But I know what I'm talking about
And of that there is no doubt.

Seeing the world in a pipe, through a syringe..
..where you cringe at each knock on the door..
..because it might be the law.

Would you be the outsider to get gear inside ya.
Or would you say no?

Time always speeds up..when you think it goes slow
And the years pass away.
Take drugs and you'll pass away too.
Is that what you want to do?

Lose all you've known because everyone else has moved on and grown
And the seeds that were sown..
..bear no fruit for you.
Do you want it to you still want to defend that kind of a lifestyle.
Walk a mile in my shoes.
Discover what you'll lose.
Then decide.

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