Any Port In A Storm

by Lisa Lynn Tucker
(Portland, Oregon)

I came across a picture book,
and there you sat so pretty

Life captured in the moment,
smiles long lost

Wanted to kiss you, but there it was torn to pieces,
soaked in self pity.

Out in this world,
lost without a way

I once heard your call,
now my ears are deaf

For you, once again,
everything is in disarray.

I was once your anchor in the storm,
drowning just to reach you

ripped paper blown in the wind,
scattered in every direction

Now the world is your port and the world is your storm,
The sky is no longer blue.

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your poem
by: Linda Rose-Eiden

It was very good!

First line
by: A. Miller

I love the first line about the picture book - sets a great interesting tone.

great work!
by: autumn

Great ending.... Good imagery...

by: Anonymous

This is really good!

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