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The damage is done, and now it is time to repair the relationship. Apology Poems from the writers at My Word Wizard explore the many ways of letting someone know you are sorry.

Sometimes we gain inspiration from the words of others. In this poignant collection we believe you will find just the right selection of sentiments to express how you truly feel about someone and how much you regret hurting them.

Don't let things linger. Tell them exactly what you are thinking.

Take it Back

I can’t tell you how sorry I am
for the things I said to you
My heart is hurting, my eyes are red
And I wish I could take it back.
Please give me a chance to apologize
and to make things right.
For only then could I continue my life
and be happy once again.

Go Back

I cannot sleep, I cannot eat
until I tell you I’m sorry.
What I did wasn’t right
and I want to apologize.
I hope we can go back
to how we were before.
Because I can’t bear
this pain anymore.

I Am Sorry

There are no words to say
how sorry I am for what happened.
All I can do is be contrite
and let you know that I am sorry.
Please know that I am sincere
and that I wish I could go back in time.
But all I can do is give you a hug
and not let it happen ever again.

Over Again

I know that I have hurt you
and wish I could take it back.
I wish I could turn back the hours
and do it all over again.
But we know that can’t happen
that it just isn’t possible.
But I can say that I’m sorry
and ask for your forgiveness.

The Misdeed

Those words should not have been spoken
The deed should not have been done.
But I realize that I was very wrong
and that I hurt your feelings badly.
So I ask you for your forgiveness
and hope that we are still friends.
Because inside my heart I’m empty
and feeling so sad I can’t stand it.

Poetry by Sharon Hendricks

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