Appetite for Instant Gratification

by Trinket Writer
(WA State)

Instant gratification, the world
around us demands

Hurry, don't wait, send a letter?
hand written by my hands?

Fretting, and waiting for answers
checking the mail is too much

All of this in the endeavour
to feel love, and stay in touch

Days it is before my words
reach his eyes

Feelings to settle in his heart in
hopes of keeping close ties

I cannot wait, the time ticking
anxious for a reply

Has he received it? Read it?
I think I want to die

Could the letter I sent
with my heart put in words

Dropped on the ground, and
now fodder for birds?

This will not do, I must
write an email

Repeat my words hurriedly, hit
send, this will not fail

Waiting and waiting, I fret
walk, and pace

Why has he not answered, has
it been lost in cyberspace?

An hour goes by my
frustration increases

Does he not know my
heart is in pieces?

A response I need now
what's the best thing to do?

Mind racing with thoughts,
doubts, I know I'll text you!

I hurry, and tap out my
desires right here

You will get them, read them,
right now without fear

I wait twenty seconds
not one word comes back

If he doesn't answer now
I may suffer a heart attack

Nothing, nothing, I feel faint
what will I do?

I ponder, sweat, shake,
I know, I'll call you!

I race across the room
in search for the phone

With shaking hands, and heart
I hope you are home

It rings once, twice the sound
is piercing my ear

"Hello my Love" you answer
"I was just writing my dear"

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