arachnid artistry

by matthew scott harris
(bryn mawr, pa, usa.)

threadbare finely buttressed.

threadbare finely buttressed.

biography: as an observer of creatures large and especially small, this astute, contemplative, eminently greased father pays tribute to one species of mother nature. such reverence attempts to place other living things on an equal par! every flora and fauna owns an inalienable right to live their life without wanton deliberate destruction. yes, of course unforeseen circumstances arise that literally cut short natural longevity of any life form, whether human or otherwise.
intricate silken strands emanate from within spidery creature
inducing a most fascinating construction of nearly invisible
yet strong as thread bare steel
a whirled wide web
devised to entrap unsuspecting prey
to ensure survival of this architect
waiting in the wings for some delectable meal
perched unawares from what organism
will find itself trapped among radial silvery wires
which aesthetic geometrically perfect skein
unblemished even whence one or more innocent winged vagabond
makes one last flight into said sticky gauzy maze
fighting to free itself
yet only becoming more helplessly entangled
until final effort thence preserves fully intact
a future meal
without breaking the elusively delicate incredible linked raiment
akin to miniature internet
unwittingly becoming a figurative sacrificial lamb
thus paying homage to unsung hero
to self taught cobbler of exotic spherical whirled webbed tapestry.

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