Are They the Same

by Sharolyn
(Stockton, California, USA)

Bloodz and Cripz
Blue and Red
What's the point if they end up dead
Guns pointed to they heads
Gun shots, wounds
Your body suddenly starts to be consumed
Violence takes over and it welcomes your doom
Family gathered cryin' in your livin' room
Neighborhood goin' crazy 'cuz they done lost another
Friends sad 'cuz they took another brother
Yup that's what they be screamin'
But did they learn they lesson?

No. And you're lookin' down on 'em from Thug Heaven
They lookin' up with they teary eyes
Days like these everybody cries
They take off they soldiery disguise
Strength fallen Hearts broken Revenge callin'

They hopin to find the crip that gave you that flat line
Death they wishin' on another
You in thug heaven holdin' hands with yo' blood & crip brothers
They don't know the truth
We supposed to save the youth

They find him
Shoot him in the head
Two shots and now he's dead

The same thing happens to another
Another hood
Another death
Another brother

But does it matter?
In their minds they ain't the same
But same thing happens

His body consumed
Violence takes over & he's doomed
His family cryin' in his livin' room
His neighborhood crazy 'cuz his gang took another
His friends sad 'cuz they lost a brother
That's what they sayin, but
It's so hard to breath
Everybody cryin' for the lost of their deceased

The same thing happens all over again
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye old friend
Both hood's heads bowed
They cryin' now
But in the end
I guess they ain't the same then

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