Are you always feeling like your alone,

by Jack Sorenson
(Los Gatos,California)

Are you always feeling like you're alone,
not to fear,
look to the shadows,
and see if you can find, your friendly ghost friend,
watching, every move you take

Who’s hiding in the dark you say?
What thou among the leaves hast never known
this much pain as she

The weariness, the Lady of the Fog shows her presents,
and the fret hearing coming to doom
of Lady of the Fog, where Gods sit and hear each other groan
with much worry; about mortals life

coming to an end too soon for us to know
Now what has taken over my human form
with so much pain brought on by the Lady of the Fog dark magic
Tears irrigating the land,
for another son of the soil to rise and to fall
to Lady of the Fog breath take us all in one at a time.

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