As and When We Are

by Kristen Goosey

As I look up at the stars,
I see your face.

When I'm embodied by the sun,
I feel your embrace.

As I stare upon the moon,
I yearn for your kiss.

When the wind blows,
I think of your touch and I'm in bliss.

As you embrace my body so closely,
I feel so completely yours.

When I stare into your eyes,
I can feel as your loving soul pours.

As it pours into my soul,
We come together as one.

When we have become just one,
Our love can never be undone.

As I will love you past my last breath,
Just as long as you let me.

When time stands still,
Even my love will be yours always for eternity.

- For Britton 04/20/2015

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