As Long As We Both Shall Live (A SasuSaku Tribute)

by Sakura

{}= Haruno Sakura []= Uchiha sasuke

{}= Haruno Sakura []= Uchiha sasuke

{In the beginning,
I was in love}

{We ended up on the same team.
I was ecstatic!
I flirted with you all the time, but
You turned me away, scoffing.
I was crushed, knowing everything you said was true.
I AM weak. I didn't need you to tell me that. I already knew. But
Would you ever like me? I thought. Even if I am weak?}

In the beginning,
I fell in love

We ended up on the same team.
I was really nervous.
When you flirted with me,
I got so freaked out about talking to you
That I threw a scathing insult at you and walked away,
Ashamed of myself.
I just can't seem to talk to you without being a jerk.
Do you still like me?

{I watched you fight every time we went on missions. You were always the vision of handsomeness,
But on every single mission, I was always the helpless one. You
Had to rescue me all the time. I was humiliated at my weakness.
Even Naruto the goofball was better than I was.}

{When Orochimaru struck, I was the one who had to protect you and Naruto.
I failed, in the end.
You saved me again. While you were in pain, I was powerless.
I hate being like this. Am I so delicate that I'll never be a good ninja?}

Every day I saw you hang back, afraid of failing. I marveled at your beauty.
I don't think that you are weak. You just need to discover your
Inner strength. I enjoyed rescuing you. It made me feel strong. I always
Felt protective of you.

When Orochimaru attacked me and gave me the curse mark, you
Were the only reason I didn't die. You eased my pain with your presence.
When I woke,
The first thing I thought of was you.

{The thing they never printed in the books about us,
Was how after the Chūnin exams were over and you returned,
You told me to meet you that night.
I waited for you under the cherry blossom trees.]

When the Chūnin exams were over, I managed to get up the courage
To ask you to meet me that night. I planned to
Tell you how I liked you from the start. But when I saw you standing there,
My courage ran away as if spooked.

{You didn't say anything at first, so I asked you
Why you asked me to come here.
I think you were blushing.
Don't worry. I was too.}

I finally said to you,
"Come with me."
I led you to my favorite bench and sat down,
Patting the place beside me, beckoning you to sit next to me.

{We sit for a while in awkward silence, until I said,
"You know that I like you a lot, Sasuke-kun."
You were silent, and
I silently cursed myself for being such an idiot.}

When I heard you say that, my heart soared! Then I said
"Well, I like you too, Sakura-chan."
Then I turned
Placed a hand on your cheek

{When he turned to me
And laid one of his rough hands against the side of my face
I thought I would faint
So this is what love feels like}

And kissed her.

{I went home that night
Lips tingling,
Heart racing,
Adrenaline coursing through me.
I didn't get to sleep for a long time,
Thinking about you.}

I knew I had to kill my brother and
Avenge my clan.
I also knew that I wanted to restore my clan to its former glory
With you.
But first I needed the power.
So I had to leave.

{I begged you not to go. Another thing never printed was what you really said to me.
You told me that you had to.
That you would be back as soon as you could.
Then you told me you loved me
And knocked me out.}

It broke my heart. But I had to.

{Eventually, we met again.
You didn't tell me I had to kill Karin to join you.
You told me that it was still too dangerous for us to be together.
That I was in danger iF I was with you. I said
I didn't care.
Then Naruto came.}

I didn't want to fight anybody.
I fought Naruto so I could obtain the power I needed to kill Itachi,
Everyone thought that I had turned evil.
Only Sakura knew otherwise. So when Naruto came, I
Had to resume the evil facade.
I fought you again, Naruto. I'm sorry for that.

{When you finally returned, revenge complete, the anime series changed one last thing.
They left out the part where you told me that you loved me
And proposed to me.
That was one of the best moments of my life.
And of course I said yes, and you kissed me.}

Finally, I was able to get my happily ever after with you.
Our wedding was beautiful, but it
Paled in comparison to you in your white dress.
Seeing you walk down the aisle made me the happiest I had ever been in a long time.

{My silver dress trailed behind me as I practically floated towards you.
Naruto was my best man and Hinata and Ino were gorgeous as bridesmaids.
And I let Akamaru be the ring bearer. He wore a funny black top hat that made the guests laugh.
When the ceremony ended and we kissed, the crowd cheered wildly.}

Life is good now.
We have twins; a boy and a girl.

{I cherish every second I am with you.
I promise never to take you for granted.
I love you so much.}

As I love you.

{In the end, we both got our wish.]

I will never leave you side again.

{And we will be together
As long as we both
Shall live.

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