by Vernon Waring
(King of Prussia, PA )

Gemini's delightful
Cancer is quite polite
Leo is romantic
Virgo, caring and bright
Libra is creative
Scorpio's tenacious
Sagittarius, fun
Capricorn, vivacious
Aquarius, witty
Pisces is proficient
Aries, truly charming
Taurus, so efficient
* * *
Taurus, always stubborn
Aries, a frightful prude
Pisces is a cheapskate
Aquarius, too crude
Capricorn is spiteful
Sagittarius, weak
Scorpio's contrary
Libra, frequently meek
Virgo's simply pompous
Leo, clearly deranged
Cancer, impossible
Gemini, downright strange
* * *
The adjectives in this poem
are numerically astronomical
but what would we expect to find
in something called "Astro.Comical"?

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