At The Dance

by Caneel

The dress that I am wearing
Feels smooth and good against me
Handing over the crisp green bills
Will it be okay? I'll just have to see

Walking down the hallway a bit too fast
Seeing the couples as they walk past
Hearing the music, so fast and upbeat
You'd think that you were hearing it out on the street

Leaning up against the door frame
I can't see much at all
Most of the dancers here are pretty lame
I see more than a few trip and fall

Slipping in, I can feel
The love, the life, the sweet appeal
And the energy throughout the room
And smell all the strange perfume

Swaying my hips in time to the music
Listening to the drums and acoustics
Closing my eyes and letting go
I wonder why they watch me so

I wish so much that he were here
Maybe he'd find me and hold me near
Or perhaps we'd go and hide and kiss
And I'd finally experience that famed bliss

That everybody talks about

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