Atlantic Nile Sugar Salt

by Michael Tillery
(Philadelphia, PA)

Drifting oceanic through starlet sirens
past and present

I'm completely drawn
to your soul's royal magnificence

Constant realities
no longer float facsimiles
of the ubiquitous complexity
behind your fantastic existence

To vibe with you would cement
my primitive quest
for the biting lip laying next to me
in quiet wanting measure

Your eyes open so spiritual
to a life long yearning...finally
navigating the true essence of love

A love so plentiful
a lust for its very taste
whispers behind your morning face
but is never in wasteful haste

Just in mind
this conflict with time,
let my future present honestly
what your heart heaven bent
is yet to find

So beautiful you are.
My fingertips are free
to grace your angel
beyond the carnal knowledge love has
for woman and man

Blink for me my world.
Blink twice.
Blink optical glass not fast
so I know my true love's meaning will last.
Blink the salt I want to kiss with.
Blink my memorable bliss

I stare at your fiery night
through a wishful ocean window blowing
sensual drapes caressing
the fine line of your wonderful hip

Quick or I'll miss
a deluxe opportunity soothing
like Egyptian sand through confident hands grasping for a piece of African Lit

This is strong
and to understand a trust of
human precedence,
all I ask of you is to fall asleep
standing by the sea

Do you see? No need to listen baby.
No need to listen
for the mirror of you is the you in me

Visualize candles
with notes star written
by impenetrable memory of what is to be,
I call smiling for you
because you're all I need

Distant light bobbing
in and out of waves encrypted
through spaces in time,
kissing the hair from your face
is the plan I have in mind

Passion for your mystery
in my each and every day,
I suffice to say,
I hope this is the way to engage...
bountiful in your Atlantic Nile Sugar Salt...

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Oct 21, 2013
by: Zaimah

MG. MT. I'm a little jaded that you wrote a poem about me, and you didn't have the decency to let me know. You didn't have the certainty to let it show. It's ok though. All's forgiven. I am Redemption livin. We'll just act like it never happened, so long. As you don't. Let it happen. Again. (read that like we're at an open mic with all the dramatic pauses... now snap)

Lol. Pure dopeness. So dope I had to get in on it. I should set a page up like this. Wicked awesome. You're RICH. I'm kind of, sort of, a fan.

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