Ava's Pre-K Graduation

by Judith Rosolowski
(Cheektowaga, NY)

We watched as your picture was taken,

along with all of your friends...

How beautiful you looked, Miss Ava.....

first-year preschool, coming to an end.

There certainly were a lot of people there,

sharing in the celebration...

Parents and Grandparents - so excited to see,

their children’s graduation!

You, and your classmates, one by one,

entered from a separate room.

How nicely you lined up together,

getting ready to sing us some tunes.

"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" was the first,

Oh, how beautifully you sang ~

Out came my tissues immediately.......

my tears, so hard to refrain.

I saw Dziadz wiping tears from his eyes....

something he couldn’t hide....

But the tears he wiped...... was his love for you....

just the same as mine.

Mommy was sitting with Baby Cole,

and her face was beaming with pride,

After the ceremony, she mentioned to me.......

"was I the only Mom who cried"?

She knows "her baby" is growing up....

that we can’t make time stand still,

Mommy " treasures and loves you, Ava,"

and she always will.

Daddy left work, especially for you,

to be there on your "special day",

letting you know that he loves and supports you -

he’ll always be that way.

Grandma Carol and Grandpa Beaky came, too.....

I saw your excitement to see them!

You see, Miss Ava, you’re such a "GEM"

your whole family really loves you!

The next tune was "Five Little Monkeys".....

(they were hanging from a tree.)

The children enjoyed singing this song....

it was very clear to me!

Hand gestures made by all of the class,

the enthusiasm on your face....

just "priceless, so unforgettable"....

something we’ll always embrace.

Your teacher, Miss Holly, was so very nice...

putting a collage together...

pictures of every single one in your class,

so that you’ll always remember..

Celebrating this milestone with you Ava,

"emotions" we will never forget.

Next year you’ll head to your next ‘plataeu’,

with more self-confidence yet!

We Love You, Ava !

Nani & Dziadz

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