by Shadow Stern

Happiness will leave
Just like all those leafs
The sun will hide
I am left behind

Time away
I will sway
To the sound
Of the waves

Come and go
I will never know
Time away
Time to say

I’m not just free
but forever me
I’m not sad
But forever mad

Away I hide
Yes, I'm sure
I am nothing more
Then a doll, always controlled
So what’s old
Besides the mold
I’m forever controlled

Life is pain
Until I sway
Sway away
Sway with no more pain

I love the rain
So nice in may
Until I sway
All away

I hide away
Till the sun in ray
The bright light
Is such a sight

I won’t lie
but I might die
So bright
No more lies
Time to fly
So goodbye

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