Awful Waffle

by Wayne Adams
(Biscoe, North Carolina)

And just where does an awful waffle go if it’s awful.
If it’s an awful waffle It can go back to the griddle
It’s not a riddle
You can step on it throw it against the wall
And watch it fall
And put it back in the griddle
And say hi diddle diddle
I hope my awful waffle is better
Otherwise I will write a letter
To the man
Who can
That I am no fan
Of an awful waffle
So I wait
Think of the date
Wondering about the fate
Hope it’s not too late
The waffle is ready
And with a hand that is steady
I raise the lid
And like a kid
I see the waffle is still awful
And I say oh my oh me
I must go somewhere else for my breakfast you see
Otherwise I will faint, I will feel lightheaded oh my oh me.
That’s the story of my awful waffle
That shouldn’t have been lawful
So, if you cook an awful waffle
Be sure and to throw it in the can
Because it’s not fit for any man.

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