Aztec Eyes (Canto II)

by CherylFaith
(upstate NY)

escrito el 15 de febrero, 2009
written February 15, 2010

Our Hearts SleepTouchSnake into & around each other.
Dreams, Nightmares...
Serpentine Twin-ed Hearts,
the Poison surfaces only in our separation;
I see you clearly now,
even as the Monte Mothers
remove the bindings, and
I am free to run to you;

Eighteen Nights my body safe,
in their Starry hold;
I promise, Mothers, Stars, The Mount,
The secret silent labrynthe Dawn;
my sinuous new fierce footfalls,
between your Skies, your waking Light
grown strong as warrior Morn's ignited Colours,
shall take me,

into his arms;
Mothers, your words live here in my Mind.

Your screams of ecstacy shake The Mount,
Your tiny death mirrored
Eight thousand times in MonteMadres' Eyes & Ears,
The Ancients shake in pleasure, in Knowing...
Moments slip by quickly, slowly,
Soon, mi amor, soon...
You, too, will hear
Dark mirrored screams,
A Song from MadreMonte's streams,
while bloody rivulets run again,
down too pale legs,
Be-brambled bites...
Soon you will know the Story, sweet love.
Who would expect ancient Aztec diamonds
Poetic lies inside your eyes...?
I never knew til Desert dearth descended on my Night.
The Sky lies in silent, dark color,
pregnant with your Story
el Monte sighs, all eyes...
Soon, mi amor.
Coming Soon...Canto III...Song The 3rd

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