Bad Girl No Longer

by Kasmir Chanel

He would trace you
In order to break you
Crying is easier
If you're not the teaser
Bullying because someone took away your virginity
Switching and ripping away your personality
Squeezing you un-whole
Pushing you deeper into that pitch black whole
They jests at your scars because they can't see your wounds
They hate you, and your stupid tunes
Blind my cries
Not only do nice people cry
Neither should I say because it shall be all lies
Wake up eyes burning and dry
They break me
Because I let them
They hurt my heart
Because they think I have none
But when I know, I'm stronger and powerful
But that's only lift up my bully eyes
When I'm with people like me
A part of me feels so free
I hide who I am
So they would respect me
And stay where they lay
Not close enough to obey
They lied, in order to hide me
Funny how they took care of the others
Before they ask me
She taught me to lie
So I stood there and lied
I ran into him, thinking he heard my cries
But he lied, like you taught me
He left my heart bleeding
Bad words kept feeding
How I'm lost and have nowhere to go
He told me goodbye
And drop my heart to the ground
The sound ache my ears
So when I'm alone, I hope they can't hear
Christmas was near
The snow sparkling and cold
I only did what I told
My mom said, it would be okay
But it's too late, to rock me
When I'm just a cold body dead
Deep into the ground
You let the lies go to my head
Now I'm just a bad girl dead...

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