by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

In the light and in the dark
There is a struggle in my mind
A place where reality will park
Mysterious places that intertwine

There is a battle going on in my mind
The conscious and subconscious play
Thoughts confined and unconfined
Black and white no shade of gray.

My mind overshadowed by reality
Opened to the power of suggestion
Being fully aware of mind’s capacity
It’s miraculous ability of absorption.

From the mind’s ever seeing eye
The subconscious mind responds
Programmed reactions do comply
Where conscious, subconscious bonds.

In the light and in the dark
My mind lives imagination
Where two worlds contrast stark
The purpose for my frustration.

It’s feast or famine in my mind
Good days and bad do remind
Today is a good day for sure
It’s a day I feel very secure.

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