be mine

by d-dog
(memphis tn usa)

i want to feel your touch
to feel your lips against mine
for you to hold me in your arms
and never let go
i want to bear your love
and be with you forevermore
for you look me in the eyes
and say that you love me
you move a strand of my hair
cup my face in your hands
inches apart you lean in close
closer and closer till i taste your breath
i close my eyes and wait
i wait but nothing happens
i open my eyes and they meet
you look away and move your hands
you walk away never to return
i call but you don't hear
falling to the ground in tears
i sob till I'm dry
a song starts to play
i open my eyes and see
6:45 time to wake up
i listen to the song
and think of you
getting ready for school
i remember the dream
how close i was to you
how close i almost was
i ride to school
thinking of you
how you held me in your arms
like silk against my skin
i walk to school thinking of you
but i stop to see
you holding someone other than me
close to tears i run out
locked in a stall
i think of you
and how you will
be mine

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