Be nice to your turkeys this Christmas

by Jasmine

Be nice to your turkeys this Christmas
Cos turkeys just wanna have fun,
turkeys are cool and turkeys are wicked
and every turkey has a mum.
Be nice to your turkey this Christmas
don't eat it keep it alive
it could be your mate an not on ya plate
say "yo turkey I'm on your side"
I got a lot of friends who are turkeys
an all of dem fear Christmas time,
they wanna enjoy it
dey say humans destroyed it
an humans are out of dey mind yeah!
I got a lot of friends who are turkeys
dey all have a right to a life
not to be caged up an genetically made up
by any farmer nd his wife.
Turkeys just wanna play reggae,
Turkeys just wanna hip hop
can you imagine a nice young turkey saying
"I cannot wait for the chop"
I once knew a turkey called... turkey
he said "Jasmine explain to me please,
who put the turkey in Christmas and what happens to Christmas trees"
I said "O am not to sure turkey but it's nothing to do with Christmas
Humans get greedy
and waste more dan dey need
me an Business man make loads of cashs.
Be Nice to your turkey this Christmas
invite them indoors for beans
let them eat cake and let them partake
in original organic growed greens.
You'll be united and they'll be delighted and you'll make new friends for life.

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