Be Yourself

by Madhavi
(Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

Try not to fit everyone in the same size shoe,
make up your mind and let your dreams come true;
be unique even as one of a countless multitude,
exploit the crux of paradox of Life in your 'attitude'!

Obstacles melt away when you walk boldly through,
instead of cowering before them bravely 'shoo';
always 'do' or it will go 'undone',
turn into a victor with battles won!

Honing inborn talents, destiny defining,
thinking,acting,feeling and living;
leading a 'self-programmed existence' being
just 'yourself' and leading life's calling!

Human race is not a 'contest',
focus not on who is winning or who is best;
focus not on who is falling behind and is lost,
choose not to 'live' but to 'exist'!

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