by Mephisto927
(Hilo, Hawaii)

One eye gazing through grimy windows
He stares out of the dark room
Old and tired, he remains watchful
Looking for light in all the gloom

The eye he lost in battle
Against the monsters of the night
He lost it protecting his charge
Warding off her fears and frights

Many nights he’d stood watch over
The little one who had been his
Comforting her ever sorrow
Sharing her every bliss

Once he’d been bright-eyed, shiny
Sitting high upon the shelf
They took him as her guardian
To ease her nights, To be of help

Teas he had aplenty
Dressing up a way of life
Never shirking his duties
As her guardian every night

Such is the task of all bears
He served with a true heart
Young girls grow to be women
With old friends they sometimes part

Now he sits alone and wonders
If he’ll ever hear the call
If he’ll be again useful
If she needs him at all

Never fear old bear
Girls never forget
Guardians are hard to come by
There is work for you yet

Parents have fears and worries
Their children they would protect
For a true heart and good spirit
Teddys are the best bet

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Apr 27, 2017
by: Anonymous

YOUR TALENTS ARE WASTED! Best laugh I've had all day.
Thank you for putting a smile on my face!

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