Beautiful Clouds

by Maria H Thompson
(Renfrew, Ontario, Canada)

Beautiful clouds I watch you each day
Fickle and bright as a mystical fairy;
I have seen golden beams and silver streams,
Horses and turtles, doves and flowers,
All tinged with rainbow blush,
My heart deepens and I feel a crimson flush.

Now I see aerial sprites at play,
You are lightly dancing another way;
Slowly melting like a pearly flake,
Going down along the blue of the lake;
Will you gather up and come again
To see me basking in the summer sun,
Or serve again in purple haze before the evening star?

Now I see you ride, ride in mighty form,
Riding away into the arms of the storm;
You grasp the lightening and fling with force
Till the river banks boil and boats go off course.

I see my lonely tree in the distance,
A trophy scattered around,
Many beautiful trees are now on the ground.

Oh beautiful clouds where are you now?
Glorious phantoms that glide high above,
Wandering and bursting with angels and doves,
I stand with wonder before thee and bow;
There is so much beauty in a passing Cloud.

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