Beauty and the Beast

by Wabil Janjua
(Sharjah, U.A.E)

I envy the sunshine
that gently touches your face
I envy the wind
that flows through your hair
I envy the drops of water
that kiss your lips
I envy everything around you
even your air

Your presence is so exuberant
your innocence starts to show
the power of your gentleness
even flowers start to bow

your eyes seem to glow
my heart starts to throb
outshining the greatest wonders
my breath, off me, you rob

I dream about you day and night
but to me it seems like a prophecy
because girl you and me
we got a chemistry

I close my eyes
your magic starts to work
my mind fills with an unknown peace
my heart starts to hurt

God created you
with so much devotion
anyone can fall in love
in your eyes, the never ending ocean

it doesn't matter
I'm not gonna cry
you are gone forever
but for your hand I'm still gonna try

to me ur da only one
because i fall deeper every time I see you
to me you are the chosen one
because without you my soul can't pass through

I live without living
when you are not there
one sight's enough to get me
to stop and stare

every time you close your eyes
laying your head down ever so gently
that moment nothing else matters
nothing but your beauty

you ask me not to get addicted
to be ready to let you go
but girl how can I let my salvation walk away?
how can I let this unbearable pain grow?

know why I love you?
have u got a clue?
coz girl there's nothin besides you
no one and it's true

I know I don't deserve you
don't resemble the prince of your dreams
but girl know this
I'll always be there when you scream

I am a misfit, I know
a waste of time and pain
but girl isn't it true
didn't even beast, the beauty gain

Imagine a lonely person
so lost and despaired
but your influence like the light
glowing from an angel shows him the way

a person who had lost the reason to live
considered himself an abomination
you made him a friend
showed him a love filled nation

see that child who lost a dear friend
the whole world ends for him then and there
for me it's different I lost my love
how do I breathe? How do I show that I care?

look for all the faults in me
and you will find every one that you account for
but girl just once look deep into my heart
just see what for u is in store

I close my heart with these words
I love you
and what makes you mine and so damn amazing is that
u don't realize the beauty that resides within you.....<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Beauty meets Beast..
by: S.K

beauty met beast....beast found love.....all thanx 2 destiny.....
ps.did anyone see beast's aMaZiNg heart?
pps.Beast looks quite handsome....better off than a prince of beauty's dreams...DoNt YoU tHiNk??:)

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