by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

Before I was God knew me
He looked out into the darkness
In his image I am and I agree
With personality and objectiveness.

My mother and my father a child he gave
The first born from a marriage he made
A child for the young and the brave
For me every night my mama prayed.

Before I was God saw me
He looked into the future and saw
Knowing everything I would be
I was inspired and in great awe

For me he created a woman so right
To love and to cherish until death
Thru sickness and health and might
I love her with all my living breath.

Before I was, God welcomed me
He knew I would come to Calvary
With my sins on a humbled knee
Anything else is unsatisfactory.

For me he had Jesus his son
His son died for me I know
My sin not counted and gone
His love in me will overflow.

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