Before Sandy Hook

by William Marino
(Billerica, MA)

Before Sandy Hook we had no idea,
We're all potential victims of hate and fear.
It took 26 people from a Newtown School
Too make a difference about changing rules.

We are still acting like a school of fish.
Caught in the net of obstructionists,
Protecting those real terrorists,
a last resort for the rich.

It's all coming to fruition.
They are using social issues and ammunition.
The supreme court should find a way
The rich should give up our stolen pay. 

The middle class has already been tested.
The poor has always been sequestered.
When they are putting women in binders
It's just a clue to remind us.

Wars we were in, just for more wealth,
Has kept post traumatic stress stealth
Veterans and their children suffer the pain
Let alone the spouses who suffer in vain.

Not understanding what harm
Not hearing a silent alarm.
Will continue to make this stuff worse
Because the rich won't open their purse.

We are slaves whether we admit it.
The rich get rich, and we get the drippings.
The rich hide the money in another country,
Or they find a loophole, to store the honey.

We are the drones that sweeten the pot.
They are the haves and we're the have nots.
We are the gladiators, that fought in the wars.
They sequester the slaves, and make all the laws.  

PTSD Poetry By Liam Marino

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