by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

If you look closely behind every set of eyes
There is a look that reveals the inner soul
A look that can’t be hid even if one tries
Life has it’s ways and it reveals the toll.

Look closely and you’ll see the pain
A pain that comes from deep within
Then there’s the look that can remain
The kind that shows how life has been.

The eyes also tell of heart’s betrayal
To love someone else and pretend
A love so dangerous and fatal
The eyes filled with lust and sin.

Our eyes are the gateway to our soul
Pain, misery, disdain, even hatred
The eyes will tell on you as a whole
There is a purpose for eyes created.

Eyes are not for just seeing your way
As they take in they also let out
A message that you wouldn’t say
The kind of truth eyes always shout!

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