Behind Weathered Walls

by Caneel

Behind weathered walls
Lies the world of me
Most of the place
Is a good place to be

There's Creativeland, there's Imagiworld
There's Happyfunplace
There's Nicety, there's Technoland
There's Mind's Race

Fly in the sky!
Roll in the grass!
Let all the bad things
Come, and then pass!

But then there's the dark part
Where scariness rules
That's the part
Nobody schools

Don't go there! Begone!
You'll regret it!
If you do venture
You'll have to let it:


Back to butterflies
Come back, return!
Just remember
The lessons we've learned:

Stay in the Happy lands
Stay in the sun
If you get to close
Don't try to run...

It'll get you yet
There's no escape
Well, then...
To Exuberance Cape!

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