Believe In God

by Shaista Khadim

When things go rough
And you begin to fall
Don't wish for death
Just look up on God.

When you feel you're over
Completely drained
Think of how strong He has made you
You have stood up over and over again.

Faith makes everything possible
Learn to have faith
He is the only one
Who will never let you be the bait.

Life is not easy
It was never meant to be
This is the temporary,artificial life
Made to test His beings.

Look around yourself
He talks to you in everything
All around you are signs of His majesty
Tied to each other with a string.

He knows your potential
And will never put you in more burden
All He wants from you is to be patient
And all the sins he will pardon.

He knows your worth
The worth of a rose to a cactus
This world is forgetting Him
Remember Him always,you must.

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I love God
by: josie

God is the best we have ever had he is our water and our salvation thank him for every momment he has let us live on earth I just want to see what he has in store for us when we go to heaven we are going to experience real life the life he intended for us to have before Adam and Eve ate out of that forbidden fruit!!!!!! thank you jesus !!!!!!!!! AmenAmenAmen

by: Anonymous

thank u 4 appreciating my work :)

by: michael

very nice poem real good


If you only had 5 minutes to live, what would you
say or do?? Begin by reading Ephesians 5:15-21

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