Benediction To Anonymous Minds

by matthew scott harris
(schwenksville, pa.,usa)

Benediction To Anonymous Minds

Triumphant milestones rocked and rolled thru this (viz – modern) age
began in the dawn of Homo Sapiens early evolutionary light
when those prime ape proto simians trod the virgin land
gorging on the plentiful NON GMO sustenance
availed courtesy of Mother Earth
adept at a fair game of Life – whether on the prowl for prey
or a bipedal meal for carnivorous creatures
competing to survive usurping swiftly tailored prestidigitation
i.e. thru trial and error to out maneuver meat ting demise
between sharp mandibles of some hungry beast
intent (sans sly harried styled strategy), or cannibalized
thru strength of a rival “noble savage”
whence techniques to secure a toehold at dominance
namelessly benchmarked the genetic codification
whence accidental chance endeavors fostering heft
manifested into deliberate (albeit crude) implements
tweaked the tipping point to guarantee targeted quarry
lead to resultant bone a fied raw byte size chunks.

Subsequent spontaneous sparks perfecting “dead set” bullseye
precision to stave off hunger constituted constituent contraptions
crafted amidst accessible sharp pointed sticks and/or stones
incorporating dexterity to forge sophisticated trappings
setting the figurative stage engendering progeny borne with insight
accrued, communicated, and encoded genetically instilling
an advantage one band of decreed forebears hailed judiciously
leapfrogging noggins of prehensile
roving similar unsung wrangling yammering apes.

Necessity to sustain specific species and/or genus
serendipitously seeded savant abilities
accentuated, emancipated, and implanted linkedin plus
upon the discover re: visa vis of fire
and the invention of the wheel
both drawn from hobnobbing knuckle dragging
unbeknownst geniuses endowed wherein cranial crucible crimped
with innovative insight that stepped up modus operandi
allowing, enabling and providing purposeful indelible blueprints
garnering head start against succumbing to become main course of a meal
and biological cutting edge gently held imprimatur
whereby next of kin, progeny, or select warrior
born equipped with means to jimmy solutions,
when necessary smelting valuable tools of the trade
outlasting the stone er or iron age innovators.

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