Benediction To Thy Deux Daughters

by matthew scott harris
(schwenksville, pennsylvania)

(Thy lovely lasses unwittingly taught me selflessness)

Every Holiday time each year, a rocketing increase asper
doling out Uriah Heap ping largesse imposed upon each
citizen banker (coerced, forced, induced to buy baubles,
bibelot, curios, et cetera striving to outspend a competing
shopper, which faux grand handedness, and crass exhibition

generating mega sales (as Tale of Two Cities, or more)
earns management stripes viz embracing the Christmas spirit
(via blithely deftly, frenziedly, et cetera) per avidly boasting,
coursely displaying, eagerly flaunting, et cetera prices paid

for the latest curiosity, doodad, gewgaws (whereby un
avoidable advertisements), flood mass communication
airways, causeways, driveways, et cetera to plug

reduced priceline sans gaud dee, knickknacks, gimcracks,
encompass companies blitzkrieg for those,
who disparage being labeled Scrooge plunk down
every red cent, and empty their pockets, purses, wallets

to snag the title of topnotch spender no matter no need exists
to snatch every last kickshaw, novelty ornamental tchotchkes
(which modus operandi, (visited upon the populace, a tidal wave
vis a vis figurative manifestation, laceration, inundation,
whereby tenet, maxim, crede, et cetera broadcast to general public
amply expending fistfulls of dollars fulfilling Great Expectations
(for family, friends, relatives) buy giving liberally
via unspoken mandate, and, thence subsequently,

when receiving presents galore, tis incumbent to craft
sincere polite thank you note (writtin in calligraphy if possibly)
to evince real or feigned gratitude despite The Battle of Life travails
and, whenever possibly necessarily over spending monetary reserves
setting stage for Bleak House after festivities subside,

whence welcoming return to employment to garner green legal tender
to stave off Hard Times glad to cease hearing annoying renditions
qua A Christmas Carol, and visiting countless theaters enduring
legions of young actors and or actresses portray the saga of Oliver Twist
a disadvantaged indegent boy (given up by his mum),

and grudgingly accepted in an Almshouse, where his early existence
mirrored unfair cruelty, whereat Master of the deprived
ladeled thin gruel only one ration, a worse perditionthan death,
this measly diet lacked minimal nutrition, The Battle of Life.

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