Renior The Two Sisters on the Terrace 
                                                                        Auguste Renoir The Two Sisters (On the Terrace)

She is your sister, your best friend. Our Best Friend Sister Poems collection will let her know that she is at the center of your life, and that you would not be the same person without her.

In true symbiosis, you are greater than the sum of your parts. Let her know just how you feel with a poem from our collection. There has never been a better time to say I love you.

Friend to the End

You’re always there
To listen when I want to talk
Even at three in the morning
When all I want to do is walk.
You always made me believe
That everything would be okay.
Even when I knew
You didn’t exactly feel that way.
You took my burdens
And made them your own.
You’re the best role model
A girl could ever find.
You’re my sister
And a friend to the end.

Partner in Crime

If I give you a secret,
I know you will keep it,
And nobody is better than you
At telling me what is really true.
When I’m feeling that all is lost
You’re at my side,
Despite the cost.
Born in different years,
Still we’re twins.
You’re like my right hand,
My partner in crime –
You’re the best sister of all time.

Sweet Tea and Memories

Come sit with me
While we drink some sweet tea.
We’ll talk about things that used to be
And all our wonderful memories.
Our children will play together as we talk.
Then we’ll take a walk
And find our tree spring covered with chalk.
Our parents made us sisters,
Sweet Tea and Memories
Made us friends.

My First Friend

We didn’t always get along.
We usually had our differences.
I remember the screaming matches
And all the tears we shed
Over simple things neither of us can recall.
But the good times overshadow the bad
So the good is all I have.
And good is all I think of you –
My first and best friend, my big sister.

True Friendship

It never mattered you were younger;
We were always on the same page.
We had the same interests
As if we were the same age.
You told me about your first kiss;
I told you about mine.
Now, we talk about our husbands
As we eat cheese and drink cheap wine.
Over the years,
I’ve learned a great deal about living.
Life isn’t always fair,
And true friendship is so rare.
I am blessed to know
That’s exactly what I share
With you.

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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