Best Friends Poems

Your best friend will stick with through thick and thin. A Best Friends Poem from the writers at My Word Wizard will let them know just how important they are in your life.

You are siblings in all but name. You have always made a great team, and both of you are loyal to one another.  You each give the other the confidence to be who you are, and you are never afraid to be yourself with your wonderful companion.

Now is the time to let them know just how you feel. We've got just the sentiment to help you express that feeling.

My Guiding Light

Friendship is an unspoken bond
a common ground softly trodden
An intricate partnership
of shared tears and shared laughter
A commitment to each other through thick and thin
and a safe place to run to
when stormy weather lashes
Dear friend, thank you for being
my lighthouse
and guiding me safely home.


You and I
are like two peas one pod
Your endless sense of fun
keeps me on my toes
yet you balance me
when I’m careless
and remind me to take a breath
to stop
to listen
to see the beauty all around me
I’m thankful to call you my friend

My Best Friend

You’re always as close
as a phone call away
and you always listen to me
You share your advice
and one of these days
I’ll do as you say
I promise.
But I want you to know
how glad I am that you’re there
for me
to listen and share
You are my best friend
And I love you


Best friends last a lifetime
they stand the tests of time
Best friends are someone you can count on
that’s why they’re hard to find
From the start we’ve shared
a love of fun
Some crazy things
we’ve done together
and as friendship goes
this is the best
It’s bound to last forever


I Feel Lucky
Align me with the stars
because I think I got lucky
Having you as a friend
has been an inspiration
a wish
a dream
Thank you for the good times
You’ve got me chasing moonbeams
I’m smiling and I’m having fun
Thank you truly for everything

Poetry by Sarah Spoors

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