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Our collection of Best Gangster Poems depicts the humor, love, pain and triumphs of the gangster life. Not all gangsters are the same, and our gangster collection of poems reflect the breadth of the gangster lifestyle.

The urban genre is a highly rhythmic poetic form that takes its pulse from "the street" lifestyle. The topics covered are much the same as other genres; unrequited love, devotion, loss, hopes, dreams. These verses also deal with more sensitive topics like violence and addiction.

If you are already a lover of urban poetry, you will like this special assemblage. If you are new to the genre, we hope you enjoy being exposed to something new.


My boys are my brothers
Without the aid of my father and my mother.
They don’t bounce when the bullets fly.
They stand up straight when my enemies drive by.
Many are called friends;
Fewer are called brothers -
A homey who gives his life for another.

Live for the Moment

We here today;
Tomorrow ain’t cleared.
Gotta take it minute by minute;
And risk it all, despite the fears.
One shot;
One knife; One mad hater;
That’s all it’ll take
And there will be no more later.

A Man

My momma and brother are all I got.
It’s for them, I do business on the block.
A man’s go to do what needs to be done.
My brother gonna have more
Than his father’s first son.
Momma no longer has to clean people’s homes.
She just drives her Mercedes and talks on her I-phone.
My pockets are heavy;
My worries are few.
This man does what he has to do.

On These Streets

Life ain’t easy on these streets;
Much harder than it’s said on the rappers’ beats.
Everyday it’s a struggle; everyday it’s a fight.
Never know if you gonna make it
To the morning’s light.
They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
Well imma tell you that a crack fiend
Is a dope boy’s pleasure.
Life ain’t easy on these streets
Watch your back –
Don’t end up bleeding on the concrete.

No Complaints

Got money and fast cars;
Shit, this is the life.
Forget the rest of the world,
Including those flashing blue lights.
Can’t nobody stop me cus I’m the boss.
I protect what’s mine at all cost.
And if I should die before I wake,
Nobody can say I ain’t had Cristal, lobster, and cake.
My life, my life, it’s all good.
Wont catch me complainin about livin in the hood.

Answered Prayer?

If it’s gotta be this way, then shit let’s go.
Why I walked into this life, I don’t even know.
My gun, my pistol, my gloves, my knife
They say don’t worry bout it bruh; its only a life.
The love of money is the root of all evil;
God knows I really don’t wanna slay these people.
They tell me the only other option is mine
I’m praying once to God,
Please let everything be fine.
Terminate this situation like you would a lease.
He must have answered my prayers;
Here come the police.

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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