by Contessa W.
(United States)

I wonder what you would do,
If someone betrayed you too.

How would you feel if you knew every hug was a lie?
Would it hurt if you knew no one would wipe your wet eyes?

That one kiss was my first, but an impulse to you;

but tell me, were those looks you gave an impulse too?

Were those warm embraces you gave a fake?

My trust was too easy to take.

Then you have someone else tell me
as if you’re not man enough to say it yourself.

Was I just a stupid toy you took off the shelf?

You made stupid excuses to try to justify what you’ve done;

I have to admit that in this lying game you’ve won.

I just have questions that you are going to answer like:

When you held my hand, did you feel what I felt?

When you looked me in the eyes, did your heart start to melt?

Did you see the hurt that I felt because of you?

When you saw the betrayal, did you feel it too?

I just want to know because it’s eating me inside,

Did you see me when I cried? Do you ever care about how I feel?

Look me in the eyes, be a man, I need to heal.

I need the truth so I won’t break apart. Do you even care that you broke my heart?

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