Between Now and Then

by Richard O Harris
(Jacksonville, Florida, USA)

© October 26, 2010
Richard O Harris

When I think of all that has been since you left between now and then
My desire to carry on has waned like a darkening moon.
Yet each day when I wake, my belief makes me take
That next step after step leading to the next room.
You see though I have lost it all I still feel God’s great call
To just keep my faith for another day.
So, I do what is in front of me though it never sets me free
From my sorrow, loss, or dismay.
I guess I was naïve enough to make myself believe
Another’s word could be as good as God’s
Now I know it is not true though it will not bring me you
For I, too, have fallen short of that path to trod.
Still, I love you as much now and I know that somehow
My love will last for all eternity
For the God in whom I believe would not let me deceive
Him or my self no matter how free.
Many do not want to hear the truth I hold so dear
Though I say God cause I know not His name
Yet I have no fear for I have seen His works so clear
And to me the word God holds no shame.

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