by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.

The most beautiful place in the universe
Is being between the known and unknown
Where cosmic dust and matter disburse
Voyaging to the furthest ends known.

An invisible kingdom that exists in fact
Solar winds that blow lethal gales
As planets and stars together react
Where gravity’s protection never fails.

There are so many more wonders to discover
The science of the solar system and eclipses
Galaxies that roam under their own cover
Dispersing light shows of rare blisses.

The clockwork of a solar mechanic spectacle
The rituals of astronomic events that reign
Ancient cultures that wrote of their miracle
Worshiped the stars and cosmos in vane.

The beauty of the calculation using pie square
The rhythmic beauty of Einstein’s theory
Mathematical genius with quite the flair
Many nights spent with eyes blurry.

A lifetime searching for dimensional anomalies
The continuous rate of consistence solar energy
Studying each movement and it’s activity
All of this coming together in unique synergy.

Vast stellar nurseries where stars ignite
Creating breath taking sights throughout
To create spectacles of the purest light
To believe there is a God, there’s no doubt.

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