Beyond the Edge of Time

by Gary Carroll
(Newry, Northern Ireland )

When I first saw you I was enchanted by your beauty
the way your brown hair flowed in the wind was as that of a dream I dreamed for most of my life
I sat and prayed that you would take notice of me and yet I felt sometimes you never really saw the real me. No matter how hard I tried to show you how I really felt you would never see the real person and not some fool trying to be cute when in reality I have fallen head over heel
for if this fate should not come to pass that we end up together I shall say I Damn Thee Stars I shall travel beyond the edge of time I defy your wishes to wander the land of heartbreak city
what once I could not see has indeed become so clear
should I fall at your feet only to be turned away
I shall not shed a tear and hope for the next life where I may hold thee in my arms
but move on to find a new love
I will not bow before the constraints of fate and faith
I shall glow for we don't even know where we're going
but I shall enjoy taking this Trip with you in this life or the next I will continue to love you
that not even the edge of time and my death could hold me back from your hand

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