BFF'S Not!!!!!!

by Aylisa Brown
(Lebanon, PA )

Best friends forever and ever,
but forever and ever are just two words.

Best friends don't last forever and ever,
just like boyfriends and girlfriends don't last forever and ever,
they stay for one minute and are gone the next
just like a guy when a hot chick walks by,
one minute they are by your side the next minute they are gone.

They won't realize till they push you away,
that you are never coming back.

But I know it for a fact,
they will want you back at some point,
cause you were the only one there for them when they needed you most,
but you don't accept them back,
cause they hurt you more than ever,
but they don't care,
as long as they have you to comfort them and help them when they are upset then they are fine,
but you don't fall for it,
cause you know they will just push you away again,
just like the immature persons they are.

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