Bio Poetry Poem

by Bittu

I am blunderful and hapless.
I wonder if the mayhem humans have done and are still are doing to the Earth will lead to the demise of most living creatures.

I hear melancholy music in my mind.
I see the non-existent. I see dragons, pegasi, fairies and elves.

I want to be more social with the ones around me and not be so gangling.

I am blunderful and hapless.
I pretend to be a musician performing for the audience when I am alone.

I believe there is no one type of beauty that exists, their are several

I touch a rose with beautiful silk petals and thorns that prick me.

I feel expunged and forgotten at times.

I worry that nature may cease to exist or may be scarce in the future.

I cry because I cannot stand up to all the jibes people throw at me.

I am blunderful and hapless.
I understand life is not perfect, it has its ups and downs.

I say we should not care much for those that treat us negatively, because we have only one life and we should not let someone else's negativity ruin it.

I dream of a peaceful place with no war or environmental damage.

I am blunderful and hapless...

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