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On their special day, our collection of Birthday Love Poems will help you wish them joy, love, and everything beautiful. 

It is wonderful to celebrate the day we were born. After all, it is the one day we can claim as our own. It only comes about once a year, so we cherish and hold on to it for as long as we can.

Nothing is better for most people than spending the day with those we care most about. That is why these wonderful verses will resonate so much with those you love.

Let them know how blessed you feel to have them in your life with some beautiful words from the writers at My Word Wizard.


I know it’s your birthday
And it’s your special day
But you make each day special
To me in some ways
Because being you
Is all you need do.
Each day is a gift
When I’m with you.
Happy Birthday.


Birthdays are a time of joy
A cause for celebration
And on this day
I will express
My reason for elation
You bring to me such happiness
I hope you know it’s true
So Happy Birthday to you my love
Thanks for simply being you

Birthday Suit

I like you best
In your birthday suit
It looks just swell on you
And as today is your birthday
May I suggest,
You wear it all day through and through?


I won’t write Happy Birthday
On your facebook page
I won’t attempt to ‘poke’ you
Or at your photos
Endlessly gaze.
I don’t have to read your status
Or comment on your notes
Because this year it is so true
I’m ‘in a relationship’
And it is with you!

The Gift of the Present

Happy Birthday my darling
Today is your day
What it is you have given me
I could never repay
The gift of the present
The future, the past
Today and for always
Our love shall last

Poetry by Sarah Spoors

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