Bitter Sweet Vengance

by Abigail Monckton

He stands towering over her cold, lifeless body
An axe held firmly in one hand, his dark eyes stare coldly at his dead wife
Her coal black hair now a scarlet colour as the blood poured down her delicate pale neck
Lightening lit up the gloomy chamber
Angrily he cried out in pain, tears streamed down his blooded face, as he kicked his dead wife in pure hate
"Oh my love, my one true love how could you be so wicked and cruel?"
"Oh my love, my one true love how could you betray me like this?"
Cries of misery and sorrow escaped his icy cold lips, tears continued to stream down his warm face as he took the bottle out his pocket
With his lips pressed firmly around the top of the bottle he began to drink
Poison ran down his face and onto his stomach
He knew it would all be over soon
"Oh my love, my one true love if I can't have you no one can. Here's to you my love for together we die"

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