Black and Red

by I'm fine
(Not in her arms... Sadly...)

I see her walk into the night
I feel raging in me this fight
Should I run after her?
Does she know what I'm after?
Her dark hair flying in the air
I see a tear, but would I dare
Swiping it off her eye
Tell her my love is not a lie?
She is so far already
Is she running away from me?
Her black dress, magnificent
Her perfume and its sweet scent
The scent of blood she shed in pain
Of all of her efforts being vain
She now stopped, fell on her knees
Blood is the only thing she sees
I run and take her in my arms
Tell her I am the one she harms
That we could be together
That I said I did love her
She turns around and steals a kiss
The taste of her lips I will miss
While she grabbed the bloody knife
And in a kiss, she stole my life
My blood is flowing on her dress
While the knife is in my chest
I whisper a last goodbye
On her knees is where I die

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