Black Hearts Die

by Tina
(New York)

You take it,
You stand strong,
Pretend it doesn't hurt,
Pretend it's ok,
You rebel,
In the end it's still there,
It does hurt,
It's not ok,
Keep it inside,
You'll be ok,
Round you go,
It's ok no one knows,
Circle, circle,
Round you go,
You stand strong,
Pretend it's ok,
You feel so deeply,
You feel it strong,
Your heart bleeds,
It wants to heal,
Circle, circle,
Round you go,
Here you are again,
Sad and it shows,
Smile God damn it!!,
Don't let them see!!,
What's wrong with you?,
How can it be?,
Stand strong!!,
Pretend it's ok!!,
Same old story,
It doesn't change!!,
You can no longer hide it!,
You can't pretend!,
Round you go,
You've lost the battle,
You no longer feel,
It's over now,
You're numb,
Black Hearts Die.

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