Black Powder Crucified

by Ben Burks
(Selmer,TN, USA)

A dead man only cries
Echoing sound of silence
No more tears
No more lies
Black powder Crucified
All the madness in my head
Has finally taken my life
Be it was in vein
My soul is forever lost
Still my body remains
In the ground
Away from all the
Left me with no other option
For the game of life I was losing
Too late to help a friend out
The deal has already been done
Turning your back on me
In my hand you placed the gun
Black powder Crucified
In hell
Everyone will hear my screams
As I haunt their f--king dreams
My flesh burning
My insanity revealing
My pain raging
A nightmare that’s never ending
Same as the life I was living
No one truly forgiven
One round
One squeeze of the trigger
All that’s left of me
Is written in this letter
Black Powder Crucified

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