by Nojang Victoria
(Buea, Cameroon)

Lust lingers on the air
Bitterness buried deep
Love's been poisoned
A soul buried in agony
Tears that fill an ocean
She's wrapped in a blanket
She seeks shelter on a wet pillow
Since her life is all so shallow

He walks in cold as ice
He lingers around as a ghost
Then the blanket's covered
Two souls in harmony
Cries of protests
Yet could she subdue
The burning flame within
That set her body on panic

A rush of lust seizes her
Captured in the hard metal arms
Of the egocentric devil
Kisses are shot to her net
Devilish tempting kisses
Rough, but soul searching
Eyes that penetrate deeply
Take her through the bridge
The man she swore to hate
Yet she melts in his arms

A tale of naked sin
Souls doomed for hell
In an ocean of ecstasy
His fingers touch secret zones
Her heart threatens explosion
As she reaches the intimate exposure
Nothing's left to hide
He knows all, has all
Then the bed's wet
Her once frozen heart
Transformed over night

He sets her in motion
Then again she lusts
With no god damn caution
She's doomed for damnation
Logic and lust
Her mind's torn apart
Her heart's set apart
Yet her desire knows no bounds
His sex is worth a thousand pounds.

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