Bleeding Every Fifth

by I'm fine
(Body's location: France/ Heart's location: San Francisco)

Tonight you told me you stopped 
Loving me the way I hoped you did
You don't care anymore 
What am I gonna live for
Now that you left me dying
All the nights I am crying
I now just want to end this
You can't save me don't ask me how
It's the fifth, the day we first kissed 
I do not know what I missed
To end up hearing you now
say you don't love me too
The knife became my only friend 
Now that you can't give me your hand 
It cuts my wrists deep in my skin
Blood flowing out to purge my sin
Reopening an ancient wound
I never thought that could be found 
In my heart and on my wrists
I'm still holding tight my fists
Though I cannot fight anymore 
I will end up in blood and gore
Death is right here waiting just for me 
I cut my veins to set my body free
From this pain I have inside 
That I can no longer hide
I am losing my consciousness 
My eyes are full of emptiness 
I will never see you again
But you won't bring anymore pain
My last thoughts are about you now
I can see you I don't know how
Death is now getting nearer
On this fifth my mind's clearer
Death's right here in front of me
Just by you I can still see 
Death is taking me away from you
I'm saying goodbye to this world too
I do not know where she is bringing me
But with my pain my soul left my body

I'm floating in this nothing
Not conscious of anything
But at least it does not hurt anymore 
And you're with someone else doing hardcore
This is the end of a life
Meaningless without a knife 
I used to be happy every fifth 
Now I'm bleeding and dead on the sixth 

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Apr 06, 2012
by: I'm fine

Well thank you very much :)

Feb 18, 2012
by: Lucy

love the poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Dec 19, 2011
i understand you
by: i'm fine

I used to be the same with her and well i started being her best friend, helping her whenever she needed me to, and she also helped me so we became closer and we started loving each other... So if you try to be always there for him, if you hold him when he s not fine and make him feel better then there are lot of chances that he ll fall for you... I'm not the only one to use that technique... If you read my last poem "your betrayal" you ll see that another guy used that on my ex... And i don't really exaggerate my poems, they only tell my story and my future as i want it...

Dec 18, 2011
I understand...
by: Sarah ...

Well. I understand... that nobody understands... Because I love someone... But he doesn't know. He will never know. I just can't get enough guts to tell him. We are just friends, yet I want to be more... I don't think we ever will. Why are love lives so complicated? Hmmm.

Dec 15, 2011
thank you
by: i'm fine

Thank you all for reviewing my poem and well this is my love story, the only one i will ever have and if i ever get to be with her again it'll only be if i don't die before that ... She is the one and no one really seems to understand how i feel about her...

Dec 14, 2011
by: Taylor

Yea, I have 2 kinds of poetry about my love. I met him on a dark day.. I had actually given up on love and as soon as I saw him I just knew I had to know him. I wasn't looking for love but apparently it was looking for me.
He was home schooled for a while so us meeting was a miracle in itself. He was the first guy I was All the way honest to. I shared everything with him..Then we broke up and it broke me.
I cried everyday for 2 months.. Then I just randomly texted him saying I missed him and we were together again. then we broke up again... we've been together 3 times. we're not together atm but he still tells me he loves me everyday..
So my poetry is written for those dark months in my life where I didn't have him then I have some in the love section now.. But I prefer my dark poetry. And I am hoping things will work for you cuz u seem like a nice guy and long distance is hard. but u deserve to be happy.

Dec 14, 2011
I know how you feel
by: The Raven's Death Angel

each poem tell a story about how much pain a person goes through missn the 1 they love so deeply & knowing they mite never get them back their heart cracks ever so slowly the blood starts 2 flow along with the tears never want ing 2 let go of what they had it truly is killn ppl

Dec 14, 2011
thank you
by: i'm fine

Thank you for reviewing, i also started going out with that girl on the 5th and well it lasted almost one year but i had to move back to France so we stayed more than 3 months in a long-distance relationship and now she dumped me... All my poems tell my story...

Dec 13, 2011
i love this
by: Anonymous

this is so deep and moving. reminds me of my love we got together on the 5th and broke up the 16th. idk when we first kissed but it was a couple weeks ago

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