Blood and mud

by Sonne

The sky is blue
The sun is shining
On the other side of the world,
And birds are singing
On the other side of the world,
My family is waiting
But, here, all I see is blood
All I see is mud
And all I feel is a pain.
I lost my heart in the mud,
I lost my regret with the first gunshot,
Today I lost my mate too,
He's nowhere to be seen,
I haven't seen my mate all day,
And I remember what we said,
I remember what we said 2 years ago,
If we don't see each other whole day,
The time has come,
'If you don't see me all day' he said
'Search in the mud and blood,
Search everywhere,
Find my body and bring it back
For I can't die here,
I can't die where the sun doesn't shine
Where mermaids don't sing
Where fairies don't visit
Where kids don't smile'
And here I am,
I can't find him but I can't give up,
For the country,
Or for the friendship?
He died for this land, but I can not
I can not die before I find his body
Find his body and bring it back.
And as I search for him,
As I search for him I hear a gun near me,
I get my gun at ready and hide,
But what do I see?
At the other side, I see someone
I see someone,
I see a human figure,
I see a woman,
She's a woman in war,
I see her face and my heart shatters,
It's a woman I once knew,
It's a woman I once loved,
But she doesn't recognize me,
Once my dear general said,
'No mercy for the foes,
Men, women or children,
Have no mercy and kill
Even your own mate'
For the first time ever,
I will break his word, I will,
I cannot kill this woman,
I cannot take her blood on my hands,
Two years in war I am,
Hundreds of foes I have killed,
But this woman I cannot,
For once I knew her,
For once she was my best friend,
For once I swore,
And I cannot break it.

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